Large-Panel Transporter Trailers Currently Available


Ref: TF2336

Versatile Panel Transporter Trailers

Specially Designed & Built to Deliver the Largest Possible:-

        Building Cladding Panels

        Prefabricated Concrete Panels

        Timber Frame and Composite Panels

        Structural Glass Panels

direct from Factory to Construction Sites within Towns and City Centres.

Manoeuvred by standard road-going tractor units the trailers feature a full-width low-bed transportation system enclosed by a strong supporting superstructure which includes a telescopic Operator safety-harness facility.  This allows the very largest panels, that can be transported by road, to be carefully loaded at the Factory, safely transported to site and then easily craned off when required.

In order to manoeuvre within, what may be, a small area of a building site the trailers can be power-steered into place by the Driver and their ground clearance can be significantly increased to negotiate uneven surfaces.

They are currently configured to transport composite structural panels each being 8Mtrs long x 4.5Mtrs wide x 0.3Mtrs thick but their structure is such that we can quickly and easily modify them to carry shorter products, or longer products by lowering the rear deck and adapt them to efficiently accommodate objects of varying shapes and sizes whilst protecting them from damage.

Also we can refinish each trailer in your Corporate Livery to a high degree of quality.  

Please call to discuss your requirement and our very experienced team will, without charge, be pleased to offer solutions for your consideration.

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We will be pleased to check and confirm any specific information that may be required.

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