Waste Spec Walking Floor Trailers For Sale                                                                               



Waste Spec Walking Floor Trailers

120 & 130Yds

Plain aluminium bodywork, red sideguards & roof sheet. Silver wheels and comprising:-

    Front Operator Platform with dual access ladders.
    Manual roll-over sheet. (Hydraulic gullwings available)
    Rear aluminium barn doors c/w pneumatic safety-lock.
    Cargo Floor 21 plank waste-spec aluminium floor system.
    Moving front bulkhead.
    Wander lead remote controller.
    SAF axles & air suspension.
    EBS electronic anti-lock braking system.
    Suspension raise/lower facility.
    Disc brakes.
    Plated weights; 38T GVW, 8T/axle, 14T imposed.

Tyres: 385/65x22.5 approx 70% tread reamaining on average.
MOT:   Current.

All trailers were owned and operated from new by one well-respected National Operator. They have all been regularly maintained on a six weekly Service Schedule.

At the time of inspection the trailer shown, having just returned from a land-fill site, was in a dirty condition. On sale each trailer will be thoroughly cleaned and sent to the Workshop where any operational defects will be rectified.

Please Note - with our very best intentions we believe that all dimensions and details supplied are correct at the time of publishing and they are not legally binding.
We will be pleased to check and confirm any specific information that may be required.

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