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Ref: TF1365

Overall Dimensions: 13.6Mtrs X 2.55Mtrs X 4.8Mtrs on 1250mm coupler.

Plain blue body & curtains, silver wheels and comprising:-
   Fixed front & rear bulkheads.
   Double-end opening curtains with ratchet tensioners front & rear.
   Welded curtain straps with stainless steel over-centre curtain buckles.
   Flat solid aluminium roof sheet.
   Fixed second deck above main (lower) deck.
   Sound Keruing decking throughout fore-deck and main deck.
   Side-post-free loading with the following apertures:-

(All dimensions are in Mtrs and are approximate pending an accurate appraisal.)

   ROR axles & air suspension.
   Suspension raise/lower facility.
   Disc brakes.
   Anti-lock braking.
   Tyres: 265/70X19.5 approx 60% and First Life.
   Plated weights: 38T GVW, 8T/axle, 14.5T imposed.
   New 12Mth MOT.

A straight and clean looking trailer and available with a new 12 month MOT for approximately 85/wk subject to status & availability.

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