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Ref: TF1292


2007 RSG EcoSlider

Red paintwork (some lettering) and silver wheels comprising:-
   Front container guides.
   Mercedes axles & air suspension.
   Suspension raise/lower facility.
   Front lift axle.
   Disc brakes.
   Alloy wheels.
   Telescopic rear underun bar.
   Full width mud flap.
   Continental rear lights.
   Tyres: 385/65x22.5 - first life and approx. 50% on average.
   Current MOT.

This is an extremely well made trailer!
It is; clean, well maintained, very good looking and available for 49/wk subject to status and availability.

(Please note - in the interest of Client confidentiality any lettering may have been electronically removed)

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         Email:  sales@haulrite.com

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