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  KwikLode ClearDek Patent Pending

             Versatile!  Quick!  Safe!  Durable!

The Most Versatile Trailer In The Marketplace!!

        The KwikLode is three trailers in one!!

             It has; Chipliner, Curtainsider and Flatbed functionality.

It is able to transport:-

         Bulk Product such as; Woodchips, Sawdust, Peat and Paper etc.
Palletised Goods and Multi-Drop deliveries.

         Potato Boxes.

         Reels of paper.


         Long lengths of steel.


         Tall loads.

         Wide loads.

In order to do so the KwikLode features:-


           Roadside Vehicle Inspectors are increasingly inspecting Conventional Chipliners due to the
           bulging curtains attracting their attention. In accordance with Health & Safety regulations, as
           Chipliner curtains are load-bearing, each
KwikLode side-curtain bears a Load Carrying Capability  
           label.  In addition the side-curtains are reinforced with removable and storable
stiffeners that prevent curtains from bulging when transporting bulk product or tyres etc. 


           Both side-curtains can be opened and closed just as normal Curtainsider curtains do because there
           are no roof sheet side straps to contend with. Also a Driver doesn't have to climb onto the Operator
           Platform to wind the roof pole up to free the captive curtain.

           MULTI-DROP DELIVERIES               

           Front & rear curtain tensioners are standard on the
KwikLode Chipliner which allow both side-
           curtains to be opened & closed at the front or at the rear keeping loading/unloading time to a
           minimum during multi-drop collections & deliveries.

        CRANE LOADING          

           Hinged rear header & roof arches allow overhead crane loading.


        Removable & storable steel side-posts locate into siderave sockets to allow the safe transportation
           of long lengths of steel.

           TALL LOADS

        The KwikLode roof can be securely and safely lashed open during transit and roof arches lock in
           the open position to allow loads that are taller than the trailer body to be transported. 

        WIDE LOADS

          Assuming certain wide loads can be side-loaded onto the deck the KwikLode roof support posts   
          can be securely lashed in the open position, whilst still supporting the roof, creating a theoretical
          deck width of up to 4.5Mtrs. Side-curtains can be securely stowed at the front of the trailer.

Very Quick!

         Quick LOADING

            No roof sheet side-straps to struggle with! The KwikLode roof is opened and closed quickly at the
         Operator Platform!

       Quick TIPPING  

           No need to open or release the roof sheet in order to discharge payload! The KwikLode ClearDek 
         Curtain System is opened quickly independent of the roof sheet. The KwikLode ClearDek Curtain 
         System saves time when the curtains are opened because:

          the payload is 100% accessible! - no need to move the curtains again!

Quick TIPPING   

          No need to; open, move and close posts to discharge the payload! The KwikLode sidepost opens 
          automatically when unloading saving time!

Very Safe

       Safe LOADING

            No need to enter the loading danger zone to unfasten roof side-straps! The KwikLode roof is    
         opened and closed whilst in the safety of the Operator Platform!

       Safe TIPPING

       No need to enter the danger zone to move curtains!  The KwikLode ClearDek Curtain System     
         allows an Operator to open the curtains and stay safe.
        the payload is 100% accessible! - no need to move the curtains again!

         No need to enter the danger zone to move posts!  The KwikLode roof support post opens   
         automatically & safely when the load is being discharged!


       In windy conditions an unsecure roof sheet is potentially very dangerous! The KwikLode roof is
          always safe & secure  even when open!  There is no danger of the roof sheet being blown over
          the side of the trailer. It could be dangerous for anyone attempting to recover a hanging roof sheet.

Very Durable

      KwikLode provides:-

        STRONG ARCHES:       KwikLode bolt-on roof arches are strong but light, designed to
                                                                withstand load-bucket impact.

        STRONG RAILS:               KwikLode  roof rails are strong but light. They provide maximum 
                                                                loading aperture and prevent 'product drip' onto clean loads.

        CRACK FREE:                    KwikLode permanently supported roof means it is prevented from  
                                                                dropping. If a roof is allowed to drop it will cause body cracking.

        REINFORCED DECK:    KwikLode deck bars prevent discharge-blade plank damage.
                                                                They are recessed to allow pallets to rest on wooden deck planks.

        STRONG CHASSIS:      KwikLode rear shunt brackets protect the rear of the trailer if it is 
                                                                shunt assisted. They allow normal loading-bay positioning.

KwikLode Specification:-

         NEW Double-End Opening Curtains - COLOUR OF YOUR CHOICE.

              NEW Roll-over roof sheet - COLOUR OF YOUR CHOICE.

         NEW Paintwork, Body and Chassis - COLOURS OF YOUR CHOICE.

         NEW Stainless Steel Anti-Burst Curtain Buckles.

              NEW 12 Months MOT.

         FINANCE AVAILABLE HP, Finance Lease, or Contract Hire with 24 - 60 month term options.


For more information please contact us ANYTIME:-

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