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Lode LIGHTWEIGHT Chipliners have AntiBuldge Curtains and 100% ClearDek access!!  Their VERSATILITY allows; machinery, tyres, long steels, clean multi-drop palletised goods and tall or wide loads to be QUICKLY and SAFELY loaded, unloaded and transported.

There are no roof-sheet straps or pole to impede the opening of one of the curtains and the efficient roof system is permanently supported to prevent cracking. 

Supplied in New Livery with new MOT and built to any Capacity required.



155Yd GT FRUEHAUF                          130Yd SDC
New Roof Sheet & Curtains.               Plain Livery.
Refurbished & New Paint.                   ROR Air & Drums.
Immediately Ready To Earn!!              Current MOT
TF2016                                             TF2064

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